April 20, 2020, will live in infamy for oil traders.  At the start of trading that day, West Texas Intermediate (WTI), one of the main global oil benchmarks, opened at $17.85/barrel, an exceptionally low price.  Then the bottom fell out of the market.  For the first time ever, the price of oil dropped into negative numbers and by the end of the day, WTI was a negative $37.63/barrel.  This means sellers had to pay buyers a hefty fee to take their oil. 

Auto analysts and other industry observers keep a very close watch on developments at Tesla. No surprise there, as the company is the leading manufacturer of electric vehicles, makes high quality and innovative products, and its sales are growing rapidly around the world.  But even they were taken aback by an announcement the company made on June 1.

When people want to describe 2020, they use words like “virus,” “lockdowns,” and “vaccines.” While it’s still too early in the year to characterize 2021, so far “shortages” appears to be the buzzword.  And if analysts are right, it will stay this way.

If you’ve already been there, done that, and want to go somewhere different for a change, there’s good news for you. Some high-tech companies are readying an exciting new venture and when it becomes available, possibly as soon as next year, it will launch a whole new industry, create lots of excitement, and generate big profits for many people.