Here’s some great news: Researchers have made significant progress on a new treatment for halting heart disease.  Even better is that it has potential to reverse damage to arteries that has already occurred. These exciting developments, which could affect tens of millions of people, are findings of a new study recently made by the Stanford School of Medicine. 

Joe has no food in his home and has no money to shop at the supermarket. Only one thing is keeping him and his family from starving: foods banks, the charitable organizations that distribute food to the needy.  Asking for a handout leaves a very bad taste in anyone’s mouth.  Unfortunately, Joe and the many millions of Americans and their families in the same predicament are left with no choice.

With so much attention still focused on the pandemic and its consequences, it’s easy to forget that many millions of people are suffering from a different problem: depression. This often takes a huge toll on a person’s well-being, and that’s especially unfortunate because even severe cases can be treated.