On December 21, tens of millions of individuals, families and small business-owners finally got what they had waited for anxiously– at least they thought so.  That was the day Congress finally passed the COVID relief bill. The $900 billion measure is the second largest spending bill in history, surpassed only by the CARES Act, which was passed earlier this year.

The revival of the dead is a basic concept in Judaism.  Apparently, this idea is also true in investing, and anyone who doubts this need only look at uranium stocks.  For almost a decade they were down and out, shunned, and in some circles, scorned.  Recently, however, many have become Wall Street’s darlings.  Why the change of heart?  Recalling events that have unfolded in this industry will help explain what has happened and possibly shed light on where it is headed.   

Lots of people are anxiously waiting for life to return to the way it was before the pandemic. Unfortunately, there has been so much structural damage to the economy that this is not likely to be happening any time soon.  In fact, America could be facing a hyperinflationary Great Depression.