What do food companies do to prevent prices from soaring and shortages from developing?  They turn to whatever sources are available, no matter how unusual those are.  And that’s exactly what the food industry did. But rather than appreciate their efforts, some people were shocked, others angered, and many more revolted.  That’s because those other sources are farms that turn insects into feed for animals, and in some cases, into food for human consumption.

Following the market these days brings to mind the Yiddish expression, “The problem is that the bride is too pretty.”  That’s because making money has become too easy and investors too sure the market will continue in its winning ways.  Investing is not supposed to be so easy and in the past frothy markets like this one have sometimes been followed by very painful declines.  So what lies ahead?  Will the party continue or is a sharp decline in the making? 

With so much attention still focused on the pandemic and unemployment, lockdowns and quarantines still making headlines, it’s easy to miss that America is becoming a tale of two nations.  In the first there is a very small number of people that is super wealthy and becoming even more so.  In the other there are multitudes of people who are going through financial purgatory.  Some believe the disparity in income is unfair and setting the stage for even worse problems.