Is there a connection between the stock market and elections? Market analysts say there is and point to statistics to back them up this view. Of course, there is no guarantee that just because something has happened in the past it will happen again. Nevertheless, those data shed insight into the way investors think and analyzing this information could prove helpful when trying to predict the future.

Do pennies still make sense?  Many economists, business people and ordinary folk believe they don’t.  Pennies, they say, are essentially worthless, a nuisance to use, and costly to produce.  Has the time come to say goodbye to the penny?

For years, many people believed that New York City is “where it’s at” - and it’s easy to understand why.  The city is the cultural center of the world; it’s also home to an incredible choice of colleges and post-college education. The theater, restaurants, and nightlife are unmatched, there are jobs available in every industry, and the energy and excitement generated here are practically palpable. 

With so many people focused on the spiking COVID-19 cases, mounting economic problems, the upcoming Presidential campaign, and other national and international stories, a recent ruling by the Supreme Court did not get the attention it deserved. But it will - and may even become one of the most important decisions in years.

A tiny Israeli company has developed a product that can create clean green electricity, do so inexpensively, and that can be used by any country that has a coastline.  Will this technology improve the lives of billions of people?  Will it revolutionize business?  Even under the most optimistic circumstances this will not happen overnight. But early indications are that the technology works, and a growing number of countries around the world are taking a close look.