Even before the virus, New York City residents were trying to cope with serious problems: a surge in violent crimes, worsening homelessness, and rampant drug use. Residents put up with all of these as part of the price of living here. Then the virus hit, and so did prolonged rioting and protests. And these were followed by the unthinkable: The city was shut down.

In case you haven’t heard, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is making incredible claims on the territories of its neighbors and getting tough with the world. Some of those countries have had enough of China’s hawkish policies and are pushing back. Tensions in the region are escalating literally every day. Is war imminent? Will the global economy be impacted? We’ll learn the answers to these questions very soon.     

Fifty years ago, in a moment of reflection, Richard Nixon said he feared that he had created “a Frankenstein by opening the world to the Chinese Communist Party.” Recent developments in the Middle East show that Nixon’s concerns were not only justified, but may even have been understated.