Dilip Nath is President of New American Voters, a Community Board 8 member, and a Community Education Council (CEC26) member. He is proud to announce that his New York City Council bid is backed by former Councilwoman and recent candidate for Queens Borough President, Elizabeth Crowley.

“Dilip Nath’s life story exemplifies the American Dream, very similar to the story of my grandparents who came to Queens from a foreign world with few possessions but with hope for a better life. Dilip came here as a teenager, worked seven days a week, earned a G.E.D. and eventually an MBA and PhD. He understands that the American dream is still alive and achievable here in Queens, and he will go to the Council to protect it. I know he shares our values and that’s why I’m proud to endorse him” said Elizabeth Crowley.

Dilip Nath’s Queens story began with a northbound trip on the Van Wyck Expressway over thirty years ago. He was just 16 years old when he landed at Kennedy Airport, all alone. His parents saved money and sold many of their possessions but could only afford one ticket to America. Dilip works every single day to honor their sacrifice. Dilip and Dipa, his wife of twenty-three years, still live in the same neighborhood Dilip landed in. Their sons, DevRaj, 18, and DevNeil, 11, were educated in New York City public schools and have lived in Queens their whole life. As a homeowner, Dilip has seen his property taxes skyrocket by almost three-hundred percent. He, like other Queens residents, has not seen an appropriate return on his investment.

“Queens residents are being taxed unfairly to subsidize Manhattan. In the City Council, I promise you that Queens taxpayers will get the break we deserve” Nath said. As an expert in healthcare and higher education information technology, Dilip Nath will use his experience to provide efficient care at a lower cost and to ensure Queens receives its fair share of funds. To help his constituents during the crisis at hand, he will expand the uses of telehealth and build a solid foundation for remote learning. “We can cut waste and provide better care to use those saved dollars for what our district really wants: more police patrols, support for community organizations and even the construction of a new Queens-located specialized high school.”

The February 2 special election in the 24th council district will fill the remaining portion of former Councilmember Rory Lancman’s term.