After an action-packed few weeks in camp, Nageela boys returned tired and happy to the Lawrence pickup. The on-the-scene cameraperson captured a few quotes from the boys who were lingering around, reluctant to say their last goodbyes.

Their comments were spontaneous. They were off-the-cuff. They were real. Their responses show what makes Camp Nageela so special and why people support it.

“I just came back from Camp Nageela. I had a wonderful time. I made many friends. At first, when I came to camp, I thought I wasn’t going to make so many friends. But everything just turned upside down – everyone is my friend now! I had a great time and thank you!” – Zachary

“This is my first year at Camp Nageela. This year was a new experience for me. It really taught me how to be a Jew. It also helped me explore a different part of me and gave me an opportunity to see my real side.” – Daniel

“This was my first time in sleepaway camp. What Nageela taught me is it helped me grow and guide me as a Jew and made me discover all the things that I never have ever thought I would ever get to do, like paintball and archery.” When asked what he wants to do with his experience now that he’s home, he said, “I want to have that at home. Like Shabbat, I might want to do that at home and have all my friends with me. It was really great.” – Etai

Another camper, when asked what’s so great about Camp Nageela, responded, “It’s the people. We’re not just campers and counselors. We’re all like a family, and it’s great to be with them for three weeks.” – Jacob

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