Dear Editor:

I am writing to express a communal thank you to the Queens Jewish Link and especially Sergey Kadinsky for his reporting on the recent elections of James Gennaro and Grace Meng, who are friends of our community. Sergey helped expose the anti-Semitic tweets of their opponents, which helped get out the vote (and the people exposed were not too happy about it). Such reporting is needed, especially in these times when there are many son’ei Yisrael who are running for office in New York City. We need such local coverage here in the Link with reporters like Sergey who are willing and able to cover it.

These two recent elections show the power of the Link and its reporters, like Sergey, and what a force it has become that it can sway a local election as it did, and send a message to other son’ei Yisrael that we will not stand for it. Sergey is a real treasure to the Link and our community, and he has my appreciations and that of many others for his work in helping expose anti-Semites running for office here in New York City and especially here in Kew Gardens Hills. While I do not hope to see any more anti-Semitic tweets out there, I know they exist and they must be exposed. Not even The Jewish Press published the anti-Semitic tweets by Ahmed or Gagarin – only the QJL and Sergey did. This important work must be thanked as a community. When these tweets are found, I look forward to the QJL and Sergey publishing them so the community knows who these son’ei Yisrael are.

I know many are upset at “Cancel Culture” supposedly against figures on the right, but remember, there are plenty of people on the left who also post horrible things on social media, as clearly shown by Ahmed. We have the power to “cancel” them, as well. Finding those tweets is not that difficult; exposing them is, and that is the power of the QJL and Sergey, and as a community, we need to thank them both.

 Howard Schoenfeld


After Second Acquittal, Trump Urges Democrats To Impeach Him Again To Claim Three-Game Winning Streak (Satire)

UNITED STATES—By this time, you’re probably aware that Trump was acquitted in his second impeachment trial by a vote of 57-43, just ten votes shy of conviction. The former president was pleased with the results, as you would imagine, as were the 75 million Americans who voted for him in this past year’s election. Not content, however, with winning just two impeachment trials against the Democrats, Trump’s been urging Democrats to impeach him for yet a third time, so he can claim a three-game winning streak.

“I’m the ultimate impeachment champion,” Trump said. “Nobody gets acquitted in an impeachment trial like Trump – nobody. And not only once, but twice! No matter how hard Pelosi and Schumer try, they just can’t defeat me. So, you know what? I’m challenging the Democrats to impeach me for yet a third time so I can be 3-0, making me the undisputed king of impeachments.”

Trump added in a later statement that he hopes his unprecedented win makes it to the Guinness Book of World Records for winning the most impeachments in history.

Following Trump’s remarks, Democrats promised they’ll keep on impeaching Trump until they get a conviction or until they completely destroy the country, whichever happens first.

 Rafi Metz

Dear Editor:

It is a sure thing that Governor Andrew Cuomo will not hold a press conference to announce that as part of his proposed state budget, he will be reallocating $160 million dedicated for our public mass transit agencies into the state’s general fund. This includes the Metropolitan Transportation Authority receiving $145 million less than anticipated from Albany as part of the next April 1, 2021 - March 30, 2022 state budget. (Source: “Cuomo pushes $145M raid on funds dedicated to cash-strapped MTA,” New York Daily News, by Clayton Guse – February 12). This means less state funding for NYC Transit. At the same time, MTA Chairman Pat Foye, Senator Charles Schumer, Mayor Bill de Blasio, and other elected officials are lobbying Washington for a third CARE COVID-19 bailout of $8 billion or more. The Federal Transit Administration already provided the MTA with a total of $8 billion under two previous CARE COVID-19 bailouts. This is all on top of $1.4 billion in 2020 and $1.5 billion in other formula and discretionary funding provided by the Federal Transit Administration to the MTA.

The receipt of federal funding was never meant to be used by Governor Cuomo to back out of previous committed state funding to the MTA as a means to balance his own budget. Will Senator Schumer hold one of his Sunday news conferences to hold Cuomo accountable? Don’t bet on it. He is too busy with plans to run for another term in 2022! MTA Chairman Foye has no problem blaming Washington for his multibillion-dollar shortfalls. He will never publicly disagree with his benefactor Cuomo who appointed him to his position. Reduction in previously promised financial support from Albany by Cuomo is a box of Valentine’s Day candy already partially eaten to riders.

Larry Penner

Dear Editor:

I would like to make a challenge to Warren Hecht. He strongly supported this bogus impeachment. He’s a defense lawyer and knows about prosecutorial misconduct. I want him to comment on these facts.

The impeachment managers doctored the documents and fabricated evidence.

  1. Trump made a speech: “Now we will proceed to the Capitol for a peaceful and patriotic demonstration.”

The house managers falsely claimed that Trump said, “Now we will proceed to the Capitol.” They left out “peaceful and patriotic demonstration.” They used this false quote to prove that Trump told his supporters to storm the Capitol and kill the legislators.

  1. Eric Swalwell is a house manager who had a relationship with a Chinese spy. He said that a woman sent a message to Trump about using the cavalry to storm the Capitol building and kill everyone. The actual message referred to Calvary, which refers to prayers and sacrifice.
  2. Trump used the word “fight” often when referring to winning elections. The house managers took that word out of context and falsely claimed that he wanted people to storm the Capitol and commit murder and mayhem.
  3. The house managers used the fact that Trump contested the election and claimed fraud to prove that he provoked the riot. These same hypocritical house managers put forward a frivolous claim that Trump colluded with the Russians to steal the 2016 election.

By the way, Warren Hecht’s favorite organization, The Lincoln Project, outdid itself. One of the founders is a pedophile, and they are peddling anti-Semitic billboards claiming that Ivanka Trump is happy about the COVID deaths. Warren sure knows how to pick them.

Please respond to this Letter to the Editor. It is an opportunity to gain some kind of credibility. Right now you have none.

 Leonard Moss