As the economy has reopened and the lockdowns faded, women are beginning to wear makeup once again, reviving the beauty industry.  The cosmetic that seems to be trending this season is blush, which is a reflection of the post-COVID energy. After a year of no makeup, everyone is attracted to a healthy, sun-kissed outdoorsy look, which can be replicated with the help of tawny blush or bronzer. For a natural look, you can use a matte bronzer, strategically applied instead of blush.  This will sculpt your face without looking contrived. Next, apply a soft rosy hue on top of the bronzer, only on the apples of the cheeks, which will punch up the color and brighten the cheeks in a natural manner.  

After a long year of makeup-free faces, the world of beauty is embracing some fun, glitz, and glamour again.  Now is a great time to experiment with the hottest new makeup trends for spring/summer 2021. Whether you love neutrals or gravitate towards bolder looks, there’s something beautiful to suit your palette.

Does your complexion have a dry or dull finish?  After months of sporting masks, your skin can certainly use a boost for spring. Highlighting and contouring have been staples in the beauty industry for decades, because they have always given makeup artists the ability to sculpt a face. Wide faces can be narrowed, foreheads shortened, and prominent noses can be made to appear smaller. All this is possible to achieve in split seconds, without resorting to plastic surgery. 

Now that Pesach cleaning is behind us and spring is in the air, you may feel compelled to do some spring cleaning in order to organize your beauty items and streamline your morning routine. The following strategies may just be your most valuable time saving tool.