The upcoming Cross River Open on Sunday, May 26, will be a golden opportunity for tennis enthusiasts from throughout the greater tri-state Jewish community to gather and compete in the game they love. The inaugural event will feature both singles and doubles tournament play for both men and women and is expected to draw over 150 passionate and highly-skilled tennis players, representing a wide range of communities, including the Five Towns, Monsey, Lakewood, Brooklyn, the Upper West Side, Great Neck, Teaneck, Englewood, and Queens.

Recap: Vivian passed a note to Ruchama during class that accused Jews of setting bombs. It was clearly anti-Semitic. Ruchama goes to the meeting on campus with Ella’s group and she starts to have the uncomfortable feeling that she is going to faint. Since this is not the first time she experienced this, she is worried that something is wrong with her.

The Joel Klein investor panel hosted a live Fidelity BizTank show in honor of Fidelity's grand opening of it's 20K square ft. state-of-the-art headquarters. The mission of the show is to connect entrepreneurs with investors who believe in empowering the entrepreneurial community.

We often ascertain how we can assist a client during an extensive consultation in which we glean a great deal of pertinent information about the individual’s family, health and financial portrait.  Clients are always given ample time to ask questions during these consultations. One of the most commonly asked queries is whether a client needs a trust.  Often, the client will come in and ask for a trust without really knowing what a trust is or the reasons behind it.  The following information should be helpful in determining whether a trust is in fact appropriate for one’s estate plan.

Can I maintain or even lose weight during Pesach at a hotel or resort? Absolutely! I’ve compiled a list of tips from my many years of experience with Pesach getaways.

Exercise: Most hotels offer exercise classes, separate gym and pool hours, and some have beautiful grounds and walking trails. Take advantage of these amenities. Burn calories and set the right tone for the day. Try to fit in a workout on Erev Pesach after you’re settled into your room. That way you will stay away from the lavish arrival meal and you will also come into Yom Tov with the right mindset.