If the crown jewels could be reinterpreted into shapes of glass, Nirit Dekel’s jewelry could be used in a royal ordination. Nirit is one of Israel’s jewelry artisan superstars. We were first introduced in 2009 at Loot, The Museum of Art and Design’s jewelry fair. I had just been through a very difficult time in my life and Nirit gifted me a crystal ice necklace that automatically lifted my spirits. Aside from the great kindness she displayed, I noticed her flawless craft. Since then we have participated in many jewelry fairs courtesy of my Mama Donna, Donna Schneier.

Has it been “one of those days” for like three years now? Making excuses again? Okay…truth time. Are you doing it out of fear, insecurity, or just plain laziness? Did you know that every one of your thoughts, words, or actions is driven by a core belief you have? You may have formed them by something that happened long ago; and for some reason, you still hold on to them. Perhaps you felt powerless then to do anything about a situation you were in. But, you are not powerless anymore, sweet friends.

Borekas are seriously one of my ultimate favorite appetizer dishes in the world. This version is filled with spiced meat and nuts. Might sound a little wacky, but it’s awesome! I decided to make a family-size braided one, you know, just for fun. You won’t believe how easy it is to make, guys!

You know what I’ve never heard at the beginning of a session with a couple? “We only have one problem.” Never have I ever been tasked with helping a couple navigate one issue. The same is true with family therapy. Relationships don’t contain one problem; they contain endless differences, triggers, and frustrations that can populate the script of an infinite argument.

“What kind of question is that? I love my children!”

I didn’t ask if you love your children. Love is common. But do you like your children? Do you enjoy them? Enjoy spending time with them? Appreciate their personalities? Look forward to seeing them? Does your face light up when you think of them?