As soon as the First Lady stepped out to speak during the RNC, I posted on my Facebook page, “The FLOTUS’s fashion choice (Alexander McQueen) for her RNC speech this evening was no accident chosen by designers or stylists. It was a subliminal message of army green with military tailoring that warned you that she is willing to fight for her husband.”

“There will be direct flights from Tel Aviv to Abu Dhabi and back. It’s a short, three-hour trip, like Rome,” Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said this past Monday to Haaretz. Netanyahu didn’t have to sell the idea too much, because the moment Israel and the United Arab Emirates announced they were establishing diplomatic relations, many Israelis were already dreaming about a vacation in Dubai.

It’s been a year since my Uncle Chaim passed away, and I was requested to give a d’var Torah at the s’udah in his honor this past Tuesday evening. I’m certain a lot of you may remember my dear late uncle as the founder of H Roth Adjusters. Sometimes I feel like my entire family services this neighborhood, since my wonderful first cousin Aryeh (Archie) Rabinowitz builds and repairs homes with his company AllBoro Group, and his son David takes care of your yards and flowers with Elegant Lawns & Landscaping.

In 2002, my fabulous black female partner, Crystal Emerald Green, and I broke through the glass ceiling of Hip-Hop Urban Wear and launched CHED-DA to Kmart as an exclusive collection. After being challenged by the big boys at Phat Farm, Sean John, and Rocawear, we earned our place in the top 50 brands of street-wear fashion. Although it didn’t end well with revolving CEOs at Kmart, combined with limited production capabilities, I was certainly crowned with street credibility and a lot of positive press. However, the best label I received was from my younger family members who admired my “cool factor.”

  It’s not very common to be informed on a website purchase that the graphic T-shirt you just ordered has a spiritual meaning. The elongated tank with the screen-printed bold pop design of a woman, and the word Isha moves past its fashion statement and into a power statement. Scroll down and you get the description- “What is an Isha, the Hebrew word for a Woman? How can we describe her? She is strong. Beautiful. Mysterious. Spiritual. Intelligent. Limitless. Fearless. The Bringer of Life. The foundation of every civilization in the world. An Isha is all of these qualities and more that go beyond modern words. So this one's for you, Isha. You are beyond words!” Elisheva Rishon’s brand Eli7 Designs has an assortment of “message” pieces in Hebrew and English, all accompanied by a positive statement that will insure an uplifting piece of clothing. You can even order her ‘Black, Jewish and Fabulous’ hoody.