Dear Alice,

I enjoy your plan very much. However, I feel so resentful that I have to even be on a diet. My sisters are all thin, and I watched them Shabbos as they ate whatever they wanted. It’s so unfair that I have to work so hard to lose weight while everyone else has it easy. I know I shouldn’t compare myself to others, but I can’t help but feel frustrated. I end up going off track because a little voice in my mind tells me I shouldn’t have to work this hard, and I deserve to enjoy just like everyone else. Can you help me get some perspective on this?

Some of the most complex cases we handle at our firm, Wisselman Harounian & Associates, involve “premeditated divorce planning.” These are cases where one spouse undermines his or her unsuspecting partner by hiding away assets for months and even years before the proceedings start.  Usually, this individual has more control over the income and assets of the family and is the main financial decision maker, whereas, the unsuspecting spouse is “in the dark” about the party’s financial circumstances.