Myth: Once you need maternity clothes, just go get them.

Truth: You need a plan. You’re in the first trimester and already a lot of your regular clothes don’t fit you. On one hand, you’re tempted to just go out and get maternity clothes and start wearing them. On the other hand, there are the designers who tell you to not even shop until the second trimester.

Myth: When you become pregnant, you need only hide your tummy.

Truth: There are a lot of things to consider. You’re married for a while and you start to notice that you’re not feeling well. You have no appetite, among other things. So you go to your doctor and you get the good news: you’re pregnant! Wonderful, but what do you do now?

Myth: If you have a tummy, you need to hide it under looser clothes.

Truth: If you have a tummy, you need to wear fitted clothes that camouflage it. The tummy is an issue for pretty much every woman at some point. If you were pregnant and had children, there’s always a tiny bit of tummy left even if it’s just some extra skin that won’t go away. If you go through menopause, you gain a few pounds and the tummy becomes more noticeable.

Myth: You may wear whatever you want, and if anyone tells you otherwise, it’s just shaming and judgmental.

Truth: No one’s shaming or judging anyone. While I’ve gotten tons of compliments on my writing and the advice I offer, I have heard people tell me I’m wrong. They say I’m shaming people over what they wear or that I’m being judgmental. Here’s why that’s incorrect.

Myth: If you’re an older adult, you need to get rid of anything fun and youthful because those things are not appropriate.

Myth: Even if you’re older, you may still wear any fun items you want however you want.

Truth: You need to take the middle ground.