Myth: When meeting with politicians and lobbying, what matters is your message and not what you wear.

Truth: What you wear does matter. I know this is a little late because the NORPAC Mission to Washington already happened, but someone suggested I cover this topic anyway. If we have to do this again next year, we’ll be prepared. By the way, to all those of you who went with NORPAC, don’t worry; you all dressed just fine with no glaring mistakes.

Myth: Once you need maternity clothes, just go get them.

Truth: You need a plan. You’re in the first trimester and already a lot of your regular clothes don’t fit you. On one hand, you’re tempted to just go out and get maternity clothes and start wearing them. On the other hand, there are the designers who tell you to not even shop until the second trimester.

Myth: When you become pregnant, you need only hide your tummy.

Truth: There are a lot of things to consider. You’re married for a while and you start to notice that you’re not feeling well. You have no appetite, among other things. So you go to your doctor and you get the good news: you’re pregnant! Wonderful, but what do you do now?