Myth: Shoes don’t need to flatter.

Truth: Shoes do need to flatter most of the time.

As if my readers don’t know by now, I’m a girlie girl. One of my girlie girl traits is that I love shoes. I do tend to be strictly practical about it and I don’t own a closet full of shoes (not even close) but I love what a great pair of shoes can do for me. Great shoes not only make my feet and legs look good; they also make me feel good. But you don’t have to be a girlie girl to appreciate what great shoes can do for you. Show me a woman who doesn’t know how great the right shoes can make her feel, and I’ll show you a woman who has never worn a great pair of shoes.

Myth: For most situations, real shoes are the only way to go.

Truth: There are notable exceptions. Many times, when I write about how to dress for certain situations, I stress that “real shoes are a must.” In most situations, that’s true and I stand by it. But there are exceptions to that.