On Wednesday, December 25, the Second Grade students of HANC Plainview received their first Chumashim. They filled the room with excitement as they sang beautifully in Hebrew about what they will learn from their new Chumash. Each student shared what they were looking forward to learn about from the stories in the Chumash in Hebrew, with the translation for the audience in the program.

The play ended with one student sharing something special all the boys in the class can learn from the Avos and another student shared the same about the girls and what they can learn from the Imahos. The students had their first Chumash lesson as an interactive one: Morah Chaya had them pack up their belongings, put on their coats and they had to follow her wherever she took them. As passersby asked them what they were doing, the students answered, “We are following Morah Chaya.” And if someone asked them “Why?” they answered, “Because Morah Chaya said so.”

Once they got back to the classroom, they opened their Chumash to Parshas Lech L’cha and realized they were reenacting what Avram did as he followed Hashem’s word. We are so proud of these Second Graders and look forward to their new journey through Torah and mitzvos!