Check out these 3 fabulous communities that are affordable…

Tivuch Shelly is offering, for the first time, 2 big new urban development projects that are changing and gentrifying the landscape of Jerusalem.

Tivuch Shelly has been privileged to be heavily engaged in building up the city of Jerusalem for the past 30+ years. In these times when finding good investments and communities to live in has become increasingly difficult, we are continually searching to find the “right” projects to suit the varied needs and budgets of our clients. Jerusalem may be a small city, but it comprises many different neighborhoods and is highly sought after by many of our clientele. When looking for the “right neighborhood’’ you must take into account your budget, the type of community and investment value in the future. What you can afford now, you may not be able to afford in the future.

In an effort to make Jerusalem affordable for everyone, one of the top developers in Israel is building two huge urban developments, creating fabulous neighborhoods and setting new standards for quality of life in Jerusalem.

The first project will consist of three impressive buildings with approximately 1000 apartments, creating a state-of-the-art new neighborhood in Jerusalem. The buildings will be connected by a courtyard with greenery for the residents to enjoy. The beautiful 1-4 bedroom apartments and penthouses are built to a high standard with balconies, storage, and parking.

This new exciting project will be one of the ‘New Unique Neighborhoods’ of Jerusalem giving people from abroad, olim, and residents of Jerusalem the opportunity to live in a community that will become one of the most luxurious new areas of Jerusalem, comparable to what Baka was 30 years ago.

This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to be one of the first to be a part of this amazing new Jerusalem venture! Be in the first group of buyers and get an introductory price!

In addition, we have a second affordable new project in New Katamon for those on a budget yet who want to live in Jerusalem. A highly sought-after project in New Katamon is located in a gentrified area of Jerusalem and apartments are going fast! For those who are looking beyond the city center, this amazing new project is affordable, a great investment, and in a community that will thrive! These units consist of meticulously designed large 1-3 bedroom apartments, garden apartments, and penthouses, all built to the highest standard with underground parking or easy access to amazing transportation like the intercity train and new light rail. Close in proximity to cultural areas, employment hi-tech centers, and major transportation hubs, this new Katamon project will give you a quality living experience in the perfect location. Buy now and join this wonderful new community!

For those who prefer living in a smaller building, in an established community, we are now offering a fabulous opportunity on a quiet street in Arnona. In the last 5 years, Arnona has become one of the newest destinations for Anglos who want to live in Jerusalem.  The area continues to develop with Shuls, medical care, shopping, and everything the Anglo community needs.

This new building, currently under construction, will add to the success Tivuch Shelly has already had settling Anglo’s in Arnona. With 2-3 bedroom apartments, penthouses, and mini-penthouses all with spacious balconies (some sukkah balconies) and underground parking. The property is in a quiet street right off Hevron road, not far from the Baka or Talpiot areas, and within walking distance to shopping, restaurants, and excellent public transportation.

The urban developments taking place throughout Jerusalem is another plus for any neighborhood you choose. The further you go from the center of the city and the kotel the more affordable it gets. WE have a more pricey project in Nevi’im street close to the kotel. Jerusalem is growing at a rapid pace with big business and hi-tech moving into the city and housing areas need to keep up with the growth. Jerusalem’s Mayor Moshe Leon is steadily “rebuilding Jerusalem’’ including road improvements, light rail construction, and new business & shopping areas. The new developing areas of today will be the luxury areas of tomorrow!


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