Elon Musk is at it again - warning about the increasing dangers from artificial intelligence (AI).  But this time, he’s ringing the bell longer and hitting it harder. Clearly, he is becoming more concerned about this technology. But what could possibly be so worrisome about a technology that makes products faster, cheaper, and lowers overall costs?  Plenty, as he tells it.

To paraphrase an old Wall Street commercial, every time Jim Rogers talks people listen, and well they should. Rogers has made a huge fortune trading commodities, stocks, markets, and currencies. Although he often calls himself the world’s worst market timer, that’s clearly a huge exaggeration, as he didn’t earn bundles of money by being wrong repeatedly.

About a year ago, Eric O’Keefe came across information he found very curious: Somebody was buying large tracts of prime farmland in Washington State.  As Editor and Founder of The Land Report, a publication that keeps close track of major land transactions, he wanted to know who the buyer was. Sales of 1,000 or more acres are considered significant and get special notice in his publication.  This transaction was for 14,500 acres.  Moreover, the land was in Eastern Washington State, an area which has some of the most expensive farmland in the country.