“As an American Jew, you are safer now in Saudi Arabia than you are on a college campus like Columbia University.”  This is the opinion of Jared Kushner, senior advisor to former Pres. Trump and one of the architects of the Abraham Accords.  Sadly, his view is all too true. 

Some people are afraid to watch Frankenstein and Dracula movies, films about monsters attacking cities, and invasions of space creatures in UFOs.  But these pale compared to attacks we are now seeing that are much scarier.  They can be very lethal. And they don’t leave any fingerprints.

Right after Israel’s war with Hamas erupted, Secretary of the Treasury Janet Yellen was asked whether the US can afford to provide military aid to Israel while, at the same time, continuing to give massive aid to Ukraine.  Her reply: “Absolutely.” 

Does the name Martin Armstrong ring a bell?  It should, because over the years he’s been in the news quite a bit.  He’s been called a genius, was named economist of the decade, and hailed as a market guru and original thinker.  Other opinions are not as flattering.    

New York is home to every nationality, political party, and special interest group - which is fine.  People have a right to express their views and support them.  Unfortunately, many people reject this idea.  They think only their opinions matter, and they threaten anyone who disagrees.