Shevach High School has been moving forward consistently with remote learning and even enrichment during these trying times. Under the leadership of Shevach principal Rebbetzin Rochelle Hirtz and her dedicated staff, the students were logging on to their classes, with almost perfect attendance, immediately after schools closed in the New York area. Teachers went beyond their responsibilities to reach each and every student at the right time and guarantee that her learning would go on uninterrupted.

In continuation of an ongoing popular program coordinated by Associate Principal Mrs. Miriam Krohn, every Friday morning prior to their regular classes, the students hear words of inspiration gleaned from the talent of the Jewish community. On May 8, the students were fortunate to hear Mrs. Faige Kramer, chair of the math department at the Bais Yaakov of Baltimore, who spoke from the heart about the ability to see that Hashem is with us throughout these turbulent times. He opens the door for us, as it were, to come closer to Him. We have to come out stronger on the other side, she said. There is more time to daven, more time for T’hilim, and for other forms of growth that we can sign on to with the extra time we have.

On Friday, May 15, Mrs. Chaviva Pfeiffer, a favorite teacher and mechaneches at the Bais Yaakov of Queens, spoke about the brachah and simchah that we are each meant to have. Sometimes we get that now, and sometimes later, but Hashem has a plan of when to give it to each one of us, in the right time. As much as we think we are in control, in essence we are all in His hands throughout our lives. She infused her talk with anecdotes and stories that brought home the points she made.

It is everyone’s hope that by September all will be back in the Shevach building to take on the new year. In the meantime, as this school year draws to a close, the students of Shevach High School can celebrate a year of growth, both in the real classrooms and the virtual ones. The resilience of both students and staff has proven to be a great asset in these unusual circumstances.