Megillas Esther, the story of events that took place in Persia hundreds of years ago, is not merely historical; it is also a book of hidden miracles with deep and powerful lessons. The moral and spiritual messages, and the shining examples Esther imparted into the Jewish nation, have been passed down from generation to generation.  Therefore, Esther was known as one the greatest women in Jewish history.  As women, we can all learn meaningful lessons from the amazing story of Purim and its hidden miracles.

1 Believe in the hidden and internal powers that you possess. When Esther first entered King Achashverosh’s palace, she hid her Jewish identity. Plus, she never gave up hope during the dark times when Hashem’s plan was concealed.  She utilized all her courage and strength to impact her nation and thus was chosen by Hashem to be the heroine of Purim and save the Jews.  During these trying times, we can all tap into our hidden potential by helping others and making a difference in the world. 


2 Accept your destiny. Esther originally hid from Achashverosh’s guard in order to avoid marriage to the Persian King. Eventually she could not avoid the inevitable. When Esther was crowned the royal Queen, Mordechai understood that she was chosen in order to rescue her nation. We must always be aware that Hashem places us in the right place at the right time and provides us with the tools to accomplish our lifelong mission. 


3 Let your inner beauty radiate. All the beauty contestants in the royal pageant were provided with many beauty regimens and various cosmetic treatments to compete for the royal crown and to find favor in the King’s eyes. Esther declined all of the luxurious amenities. Instead, it was her natural beauty that shone through and captured the King’s heart.  Always remember to be the best version of you. 


4Never lose your principals. Esther stuck to her principals and only ate kosher food, even in the royal palace. After she revealed her true nationality to the King, she once again firmly held on to her beliefs.  Especially during these outlandish political times, remember to stick up for values and principals and let that be your guiding force. 


5 United we stand. Haman tried to lodge complaints against the Jews, stating that they are all disbursed and not united.  When Esther heard this, she had Mordechai gather all the Jews in unity to fast and daven. It was this achdus that helped save us from annihilation, and that same achdus will help bring Moshiach and our redemption.


6In times of despair always turn to Hashem for salvation. Esther understood that the true salvation would come from Hashem. Her plea to King Achashverosh was merely a facade, in order to disguise the real miracle of Purim. She knew in her heart that it was teshuvah, tefilah, and tzedakah, which were the real vehicles for Hashem to save his children.  Although President Trump is no longer in office and America seems to be going downhill, it is really our Father in Heaven who runs the show behind the scenes. We can only rely on Hashem, because people are merely a conduit to salvation.


7Take action when necessary. Esther was certainly brave enough to take charge and draft a plan of action, which Mordechai carried out. Because of her leadership, Esther the heroine of Purim saved her people from a terrible fate, and thus the Megillah is named after her. In order to succeed, one must do their hishtadlus, yet be aware that the outcome is up to Hashem. 


8 Go out on a limb for others. Esther’s life would easily have been spared from the fate of the Jewish nation because she was the royal Queen. Yet she was unselfish and stood by her nation as she approached the King without being summoned. Esther could have lost her life, as she nobly stated, “If I perish, I perish.” Instead, her noble actions made her the heroine of Purim.  As Jews, we have a moral responsibility to help and protect one another.


9Notice the large and small miracles. The story of Purim revolved around V’nachfoch Hu and the many hidden miracles and trying circumstances which Hashem completely reversed. The past year has brought various challenges, from a pandemic to a deteriorating political climate. However, when our eyes are open, we can see the daily hidden miracles that Hashem orchestrates behind the scenes. 


10  Never give up hope. After Queen Esther completed her mission, she requested that the story of Purim be documented. The message she was trying to impart was that no matter how bleak the situation appears, never lose hope, because with the blink of an eye Hashem can perform miracles. 

Wishing all our readers a joyous Purim filled with refuos, yeshuos, and besuros tovos. May the lessons of Purim inspire all of us to tap into our hidden potential to soar higher. 

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