The weather is still hot, humid, and muggy! What’s a gal to do in order to look pretty despite the temperature? The following mattifying tips can be your ultimate end of summer survival guide. 

  1. Prime Time - Choose a good primer that’s appropriate for your skin type (i.e. - a hydrating formula for dry skin or matte for an oily complexion). This will help your foundation endure throughout the heat and humidity, while minimizing your pores. There are various formulas available, including those that contain sunscreen.      


  1. Foundation Formula - Avoid an oil-based foundation unless you have very dry skin. It’s best to opt for an oil-free formula or matte foundation during hot weather. This will keep you looking fresh throughout the day and allow the makeup to last as well. 


  1. Waterproof Eye Makeup - Waterproof eyeliner and mascara can save the day. There’s nothing messier than having your mascara run while your bottom eyeliner drops down to your cheeks.  It can instantly age you.  An idea might be to skip the bottom mascara and liner altogether. Wearing top eyeliner is often enough to emphasize the eyes, and does not usually migrate, since your top eyelashes act as a barrier.
  2. Slick your Hair back - You can still look stylish in a classy ponytail or chic chignon, which will make you more comfortable during unbearable weather.  A pretty accessory will certainly add some pizzazz to your hairstyle.  Make sure to wear a bit of makeup since these stylesbring more attention to the face and eyes. 


  1. Powder Power - Use translucent powder consistently.  It’s a necessity in hot weather. This helps absorb the shine and keeps your makeup from sliding off. 


  1. Blot the Shine - A pack of blotting papers, or 1-ply tissues, can be used to blot your face and absorb the shine. This will act as a substitute for reapplying translucent powder, and can easily be transported even in the smallest handbag. 


  1. Cooling Mist - Carrying a cooling mist or setting spray is a refreshing way to cool down your face, while letting the makeup stay put.  


  1. Keeping Clean - Heat and humidity are prime conditions for sweat and bacteria to make you break out.  To prevent blemishes, wash your face thoroughly every evening, removing all traces of sunscreen, makeup, and powder, which can easily clog your pores and create a buildup of dead skin cells. 

  2. Change your Pillowcase Often- Your face may perspire heavily during the summer, producing more sebum, which can turn your pillowcase into a breeding ground for bacteria. Laundering your pillowcase more often will reduce some of those breakouts.

  3. Cream Blush - If you do not wear foundation in hot weather, opt for a quick fix of cream blush, instead of a powder.  Cream products are light and airy and do not move or get streaky when you perspire or get wet. It can actually be applied directly after your sunscreen. If you have oily skin, this formula is not ideal, since it provides a dewier look. 

 Although the heatwave has been lingering, most of us don’t want to look messy or sloppy.  You can opt for a most natural look, which helps you feel polished and refreshed throughout the remainder of long, hot, and humid days. 

Risselle Naimark is a Professional Freelance Makeup Artist and Skincare Consultant. She carries an extensive line of personalized skincare, cosmetics, and anti-aging products. Risselle is also available for weddings, Bar Mitzvahs, makeup lessons, and all of your beauty needs. She can be reached at 718 263-5517.