On Wednesday, February 26, the YCQ eighth grade students faced off against our administrators and rebbeim in our annual Yeshiva of Central Queens (YCQ) Rebbe-Talmid game. The game took place in the gym, and the boys in fifth through eighth grades came to the game to cheer on the eighth graders.

At the start of the first quarter, the eighth grade boys took the lead. Eighth grader Lior Weitz started the team’s streak, but the rebbeim quickly came back with Rabbi Rohr dominating the court. The captain of the boys’ varsity team, Daniel Noy, boosted the boys’ morale, keeping the ball passing around the court.

Daniel Aaron, parent of one of the team members, joined the rebbeim and had an amazing start. The boys’ coach, Evan Daniel, also joined the Rebbe Team and, along with the rebbeim, helped to block the boys from scoring during the second quarter. Shabtai Granek, grade 7, said, “The game, though exciting, was just like every other year. The Rabbis dominated.”

As they entered the second half of the game, the rebbeim were dominating. The cheering from the crowds was out of control. Nadav Suleymanov, grade 7, said, “Though I knew the

rebbeim would win because they are double the size and more experienced than the boys, it was still an exciting game and ending.” As the end of the game drew near, the boys kept giving their all and having a blast despite the outcome. In the end, the rebbeim overpowered the boys with a final score of 59-41.

Photo Credit: Hudi Hartstein and Josh Elishayev

By Hudi Hartstein, grade 7