What an exciting STEAM night we had at Chabad STREAM School! Families from all over Queens were intrigued to learn more about Chabad’s unique approach. The attendees were given a front and center view to how our students learn and thrive at Chabad. The night started with an intro to the systems and structures that are unique to our school: teaching and embracing the whole child via inquiry/project-based learning and segued into the highlight of the evening: the STEAM challenges!

Parents and their children were introduced to each STEAM challenge task, given materials, and off they went to become scientists, mathematicians, and engineers - all at the same time!

Families worked in collaborative teams of varying age groups to build a ramp that would support a ball rolling down in various directions. The goal was to have the ball take as much time possible to descend the ramp without stalling or falling off. The groups worked hard, practicing skills of negotiation as they discussed ideas and learned to respect different points of view. Families saw the value of project work as students accessed their higher order thinking (HOT) skills to creatively solve the challenges posed. They learned more about gravity and friction and made connections to the ramps in the Bet Hamikdash.

While doing the algorithm artworks activity, they learned how to use algorithms in our daily life to complete tasks. They made connections to Torah and Yoseph’s technicolor coat as the basis for the art and color the students used to create from the algorithm.

The excitement and commitment to getting their ball run to align with the goal and the algorithm to match the requirements of the task was challenging, thrilling and thought provoking at the same time. The electrifying energy in room did everything to confirm why this approach is such a strong piece of our academic model.