Asarah B’Teves is widely regarded as the first step to the destruction of the Beis HaMikdash

On Asarah B’Teves, Tuesday, January 3, Yeshiva Shaarei Zion held a meaningful Yom Iyun with the third through eighth grades, where the girls were paired up as big sister-little sister. Delving into the different fast days throughout the year, the girls worked together to unravel the meaning behind each fast. The girls learned the difference between the two types of g’ulah we seek, recognizing that Hashem is in every aspect of our lives.

The G.O. girls then put on a creative skit highlighting the power of our t’filah. The girls shared that in order to put more meaning into our prayers, we need to mean what we say. The girls explained the pasuk, “Karov Hashem l’chol kor’av, l’chol asher yikra’uhu be’emes (T’hilim 145:1), and focused on the word “be’emes,” defined as “with sincerity.” Morah Pahlaef tied everything together and offered that, although davening all our t’filos with meaning may seem daunting, we could take that small step to grow. Just as Asarah B’Teves is a day when we commemorate the first step to the ultimate destruction, YSZ girls took the first step to invest in their own growth – in their connection with Hashem.

Each girl picked from an array of uniquely designed cards and chose a part of t’filah where they feel most connected, and placed their card in their siddur by that section.

YSZ students are raising UP their voices!

May we be zocheh to see the g’ulah p’ratis as well as the g’ulah k’lalis with the coming of Mashiach, bimheirah b’yameinu, Amen!