The Hillcrest community came out strong for a joyous pre-Purim laser, light, and music show on Sunday, February 26, at the Young Israel of Hillcrest. Attendees brought alive the tradition of la’Y’hudim haysa orah v’simchah v’sason vikar ken tih’yeh lanu depicted in Megilas Esther, recited every Motza›ei Shabbos during the recital of havdalah. The children›s eyes filled with joy during the riveting performance providing for a modern-day enactment of the age-old Purim custom. Prismatic Magic, facilitators of the special laser show, used STEM learning techniques to offer a fun educational opportunity for the kids. Fresh pizza and exciting prizes were also on hand for the youngsters. The shul’s Youth Department extends appreciation to the event sponsor, Sesil Lissberger, for her generous contribution.

By Shabsie Saphirstein