Kew Gardens Hills is the home of our publishers, editor, and most of our columnists, but the playgrounds of 11367 are almost entirely flat, better for building an igloo than sledding. In this neighborhood, midblock driveways offer the steepest terrain for sledding. As this calendar year has offered more snow than expected, here are a few of the best slopes in Queens for a snow day:

Yellowstone Playground

Living up to its famous national park namesake, this playground is topped by a hill in a densely developed section of Forest Hills. The surrounding streets appear tempting for downhill skiing, but we do not encourage it as they descend to Yellowstone Boulevard.

Kissena Park

The south side of Kissena Lake has a hill next to the lake. Nearby is a forest with hiking trails. With the right boots, the park is ideal for a hike in the snow. In contrast to the forests of Alley Pond Park, Cunningham Park, and Forest Park, there are no highways cutting through Kissena Park, making it easier to identify birds by their chirps.

Forest Park

As a child, I trespassed into the Forest Park Golf Course to sled on its fairways, but it is against the law, and these days there are fewer holes in the fence guarding this winter wonderland. Nevertheless, the glacial terminal moraine that follows Park Lane South offers numerous slopes for sledding. The pine grove at Myrtle Avenue and Park Lane South has a road that descends on a hill amid dense forestry.

Juniper Valley Park

The field in the middle of this 55-acre park is a popular sledding spot for Middle Villagers. The hill descends to an open field free of obstacles such as trees, rocks, or benches.

Crocheron Park

Like the park in Middle Village, this Bayside park has a sizable lawn on a slope with plenty of space for a socially distanced snow day.

Other parks with hills that are a short drive from most Jewish homes in the borough include Elmhurst Park with its two dome-shaped mounds, Hermon MacNeil Park at the tip of College Point with its windswept views of the East River, and Highland Park in Jamaica Hills.

 By Sergey Kadinsky