The 11th Grade shiur at Mesivta Tiferet Torah has been diligently learning “Zeh neheneh v’zeh lo chaseir” – one of the more complex sugyos of Bava Kamma. The talmidim dug into the depths of the sugya with their rebbe, Rabbi Yehuda Kamravapour, and the excitement in the classroom during the milchamta shel Torah was palpable.

To mark the completion of the sugya, the talmidim went with the rebbe to an in-person b’chinah by Rabbi Leeor Dahan, a well-know rav and poseik in the Queens Sefardi community. After a lengthy and lively session, Rabbi Dahan commented how impressed he was by the boys’ understanding of the sugya and their general level of learning.

Kol ha’kavod to the talmidim!