Question: At what point should the person making the Borei P’ri HaGafen drink the wine at a bris milah?

 Short Answer: While there are multiple opinions on this issue, the prevailing custom appears to be to delay the drinking until after the K’rias Sheim (albeit giving the baby a taste beforehand). Nevertheless, Rav Moshe Feinstein zt”l and other poskim held that a small sip should be drunk before the K’rias Sheim.

Question: May the same person serve as sandak for two children in the same family?

 Short Answer: While the Rama appears to disallow it, many allow an important person or close family member (such as a grandfather) to serve as sandak more than once for the same family.

Question: When should the father recite the brachah of “l’hachniso bivriso shel Avraham Avinu”? 

Short Answer: While some Rishonim hold it should be recited before the bris milah and others hold it should be recited after the bris milah, the Shulchan Aruch follows the compromise opinion, to recite it in between the milah and p’riah.