If I had just one wish,

I’d close my eyes, then

I’d be in Jerusalem,

Once again.


Jerusalem, If the world only knew

That everything emanates from you,

Blessing, chastisement,

The stormy, the blue,

They’d pray for your good

As Your children do.


Foes still seek your conquest

From without and within,

Holy smoke from your korbanos

Ascends to heaven;

The nations rejoiced

On the day that you fell,

But 1,000 years of darkness

Engulfed them, as well.

Seventy bulls on your alter

Offered for their sake,

Kept them from the fall

The world, then, had to take.


We’ve drunk bitter poison

From twisted vines,

Betrayed You, HaKadosh Baruch Hu,

A thousand times

Basking in illusion,

Closed our eyes to the signs.


Sought our fortunes

In bleak lands

Far from your estate,

Till each nation’s warm welcome

Contorted to hate

As each one turns hostile;

Our future there, doomed;

Bring to mind, days of danger,

When the Holocaust loomed.


Europe is dead,

Chaos has been released,

Nation after nation

Succumbs to the beast;

We would pray for success,

All we seek now is peace;

Searching for understanding,

Our eyes look to the east.


Father, please, I want to come home

Amongst all these crowds

Yet I feel so alone.

I’ll leave comfort behind,

Give up all that I own,

Let my feet reach your streets

Of cobblestone;

Tearstained, in tatters

That no longer matters,

I’ll gladly face hardship,

Hunger, and cold;

To be back in Jerusalem,

Your city of gold.


In moments of darkness

Tender mercies unfold,

Rays of hope reach my heart,

Assurance takes hold;

There is hope for the future

From days of old,

Healing my soul, my broken soul.


Jerusalem, one day the world will know,

See revealed, the prophets’

Words of long ago,

When G-d speeds justice,

Light, and truth everywhere,

Builds His Beis HaMikdash –

I want to be there.


By Sharon Marcus