The Ohr Natan Youth Minyan, based in Rego Park, visited Williamsburg admurim during Chol HaMoed Pesach. Led by Rabbi Natan Kaziev of Ohr Natan, members of the weekly Chavruta program received brachos and words of encouragement from the esteemed Chassidic visionaries, including the Dinov Rebbe, the Kaliver Rebbe, the Krula Rebbe, and the Pupa Rebbe. The delegation was joined by Rabbi Naftali Rosenbaum, Chavruta Program founder. The group also spent time studying in the grand Satmar shul, and concluded the visit at a Vach Nacht for the newborn son of one of the Williamsburg community members that attends the weekly Ohr Natan Chavruta Program.

The Chavruta program, an affiliate of the Dorot Organization, pairs Williamsburg ba’alei batim with Bukharian young men eager to expand their Torah learning capabilities. The program has successfully operated for a year and a half, filling the spacious Ohr Natan beis medrash on Queens Boulevard with a heartwarming kol Torah. To great excitement, a dozen similar programs operate throughout various Bukharian Queens shuls in Briarwood, Forest Hills, Rego Park, Kew Gardens Hills, Fresh Meadows, and Jamaica Estates. 

By QJL Staff