HaKadosh Baruch Hu saves Israel from the hands

Of scores of villains, with dastardly plans.

Her enemies total

630 times her land mass,

Yet their plots for destruction

Burgeon like grass.


In 1981, Israel brought a case

To their colleague in Democracy,

The United States.

Saddam Hussein, “Babylonian” supreme,

Had nearly completed “Tamuz 17.”

Saddam swore he would burn

All of Israel down,

The “New Nebuchadnezzar” was going to town!

Though this nuclear threat would soon be full-blown,

President Bush responded,

“You’re on your own.”

The Israeli Air Force, with Operation Babylon,

Rendered the Osirak Reactor gone.


This action saved US lives, in days ahead,

When Hussein’s next quest glowed infrared.

Had to sate a spate to dominate,

So, he went southeast,

And ate Kuwait.


American troops were called to the field,

With Operation Desert Shield.

Their mission continued

To install the norm,

With Operation Desert Storm.

Had Iraq attained their nuclear aim,

Many more Americans

Would have surely been slain.


In July 2007, Bashar Assad

Sent an envoy to London;

Watched by the Mossad,

Syria’s nuclear tech, met with North Korea’s

Collaborating fiendish scientific ideas.

Syria was working with Korea and Iran,

Who funneled a billion, in a backup plan.

Should Iran’s uranium enrichment fail in Kibar,

Syria would keep Iran’s plans on par.

Israel’s Defense Minister, Ehud Olmert,

Leveled that plan and made it inert.


As we work on perfecting electric cars

And shooting rocket ships to Mars,

Rogue nations work at a breakneck pace

To be first place

In the nuclear race.

Look into Iran, you may detect,

The shadowed hand of Amalek.


World nations clamor, with great brickbat

“They can’t get away with that!”

But like the mice in Aesop’s fable,

They bring only words to the table.

None of them dare go to bat;

All ask, “Who will bell the cat?”


It’s Israel’s concordat,

With feats of daring and éclat,

Pulled many a rabbit out of a hat!

Her assailants: “Huh? Wait, what was that?!”


Courage indefatigable,

Ingenuity unimaginable!

Look at Israel’s history and

You see the light of G-d’s loving Hand.


Israel ever sails on the front line,

Favored and saved by Hashem each time.

May she ever rise to each new occasion,

For the sake of HaKadosh Baruch Hu’s exaltation!

By Sharon Marcus