On a cold wintry night in Israel, four soldiers are on patrol protecting the Israeli citizens as they sleep in their warm beds. The hour is nearing 2:00 a.m. and they have been on patrol for six hours already. They are tired and cold.

And then, in the distance, they see a warm glow coming from a small building. They move closer and realize it’s a small oasis, a “Warm Corner” (Pinah Chamah) built just for them.

They enter the building and are embraced by the warmth. They warm up with a bowl of hot soup and a nice cup of coffee, a fresh cookie to quiet their hunger. Afterward, they continue their patrol, refreshed and with renewed energy.

Yashar LaChayal has 31 such Warm Corners for soldiers and is in the process of building two more. These Warm Corners have a major impact on the soldiers. It raises morale to know that there is a place for them to come and rest and have a cup of coffee and a piece of cake during their patrols. It rejuvenates the soldiers and helps them continue to carry out their duties in the best way possible.

Six years ago, the Young Israel of Holliswood donated a beautiful new Warm Corner in Migron. Migron is a small community located next to a major junction in the Binyamin region, just a few miles north of Jerusalem. Because of many terror threats in the area, a large number of soldiers guard the junction, and the Warm Corner was no longer big enough to accommodate them. Yashar LaChayal decided to create a larger Warm Corner so that it could continue to serve the soldiers in the area in the best possible way.

This past Sukkos, Yashar LaChayal opened the new Warm Corner in Migron, thanks to Carol and Judah Rhine and all the generous supporters, family, and friends who dedicated the Warm Corner in memory of Judah’s brother, Howard Rhine z”l.

Howard’s legendary devotion to the State of Israel, especially the IDF, was exemplary. One of his most treasured projects was producing a card printed with the Prayer for IDF Soldiers. These cards are used throughout the Jewish world. Howard was a true friend to Yashar LaChayal, “Straight to the Soldier,” and was extremely passionate about its mission.

The Warm Corner is also named after Dror Weinberg and Dagan Wertman, two officers in the IDF who were killed in the line of duty. Both soldiers have family living in Migron who attended the opening ceremony. The ceremony was festive and inspiring. The entire community, the head of the Binyamin Regional Council, the mayor of Migron, and many soldiers serving in the area attended this joyous occasion.

Soldiers were so excited to walk into the new Warm Corner and see the beautiful room. They were so appreciative of all the supporters from the United States who provided them with such a nice place to relax during patrols, which is so crucial for them.

The soldiers will continue to commemorate Howard’s legacy when visiting the Warm Corner during their daily work protecting the State of Israel.

By Judah and Carol Rhine