Many people ask me if they should add or skip the toning step in skincare. Others have no clue what a toner is all about.  There are various misconceptions about toners, since they were originally formulated years ago as astringents to target acne and oily skin. Many contained a high concentration of alcohol and were harsh and drying.  Some were more harmful to sensitive skin than they were beneficial, which was certainly not conducive to a healthy complexion.  In fact, some toners of the 90s were damaging to the capillaries and a problem for rosacea. I have never been a fan of those type of toners and many dermatologists did not approve of them either. 

For many years, I have enjoyed incorporating a hydrating toner, which contains no alcohol.  These types of toners or so-called “fresheners” have become more popular and address various skin concerns other than oily skin. The idea today is to double cleanse your skin, so that your moisturizer better penetrates your deeper layers of skin without any obstruction.  

For your nightly routine, first remove your makeup with a makeup towelette that’s safe for sensitive skin, followed by the appropriate facial cleanser. Afterwards, apply a hydrating toner on a cotton ball, which will remove any traces of makeup the cleanser left behind. It also serves as the first leave-on hydrating product to hit your skin. If you have normal to dry skin, you can skip cleansing in the morning and head straight for your hydrating  freshener instead. 

A good skincare routine usually includes a toner which is followed by a moisturizer. Hydrating toners usually feel refreshing and invigorating. So get ready, get set, and begin to glow. 

Risselle Naimark is a Professional Freelance Makeup Artist and Skincare Consultant. She carries an extensive line of personalized skincare, cosmetics, and anti-aging products. Risselle is also available for weddings, Bar Mitzvahs, makeup lessons, and all of your beauty needs. She can be reached at 718 263-5517.