MTA welcomed the Class of 2024 with surprise visits to each talmid and an exciting grade-wide orientation. “We are thrilled to welcome the Class of 2024 to the MTA family,” said Freshman Grade Dean Rabbi Eli Cohn. “Visiting each boy personally was a really special opportunity. It was great to spend time with every boy individually, and we truly enjoyed getting to know them better. Our Freshman experience is not only tailored to the needs of the grade as a whole, but also to the needs of each talmid. This was the perfect way for our incoming talmidim to meet our Freshman team, one on one, and start building what will become lifelong relationships.”

The Freshman team also delivered a limited-edition Class of 2024 MTA kippah, and the incoming Freshmen are already wearing it to show their MTA pride! The excitement continued on Zoom with a fun-filled Freshman Orientation, featuring games with DJ Dov and getting to know the entire MTA team, including administrators, Grade Deans, and rebbeim.

Incoming Freshmen also had the opportunity to spend time with their Cub2Lion Senior mentors, who are a great resource for the boys during their Freshman year and beyond. MTA can’t wait for the Class of 2024 to join the entire yeshivah in the fall!