Parshas D’varim marks the beginning of Moshe Rabbeinu’s final words to the Children of Israel, delivered as they stand on the threshold of the Promised Land. As Moshe recounts their journey, he reminds them of their failures and successes, their challenges and triumphs. Rashi teaches us that Moshe hints at the people’s misdeeds without explicitly mentioning them, ensuring that their dignity is preserved.

Moshe’s words are not mere recounting, but a profound lesson in resilience, growth, and faith. He implores the Israelites to reflect on their past, to learn from their mistakes, and to forge ahead with renewed strength. Rashi reminds us that true inspiration lies not only in praising success, but in embracing the lessons of failure, for it is through adversity that we discover our true potential.

As we journey through life, we, too, must reflect on our own experiences, recognizing the trials we have faced and the strength we have gained. Parshas D’varim encourages us to learn from the past, to strive for growth, and to never lose faith in our ability to overcome obstacles.


List of People Who Need a r’fuah sh’leimah (a complete recovery)


Please recite Psalms 20, 30, 88, 121, and 130.


Amnon ben Rivkah

Yosef Chaim ben Rivkah Rachel

Rafael Yaakov ben Ayelet

Daniel Aharon ben Davida

Yaakov Yisrael Pinchas ben Tovah

Eliezer Yosef ben Avivah Chanah

Yitzchak ben Mazal Tov

Refael Chayim Meir ben Sima Chasha

Shmuel Moshe ben Alta Sayta

Tinok ben Sharona

Shabsai ben Pesha Rachel

Eisan Meir ben Laura

Eliyahu ben Miriam

Eliyahu Ochil ben Suriah

Avner ben Tamara

Reuven Shalom ben Sarah Leah


Esther Rivkah Chanah bas Tamar

Esther Hadassah bas Devorah

Mitali Naomi bas Gilah Farcha

Jaleh Sarah bas Victoria Devorah

Adinah bas Chanah

Emunah Rivkah bas Zilpah

Aliza Sima bas Shayna Brachah

Chayah Shaina bas Raizel

Esther bas Zilpah

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