The A-list celebrity jeweler Lorraine Schwartz designed the ayin hara tennis bracelet with perfectly matched diamonds and blue sapphires to display in the windows of The Palace Hotel in St. Moritz and Bergdorf Goodman in New York. Her pieces can be seen on the wrists of Blake Lively, Beyoncé, Mariah Carey, Heidi Klum, and Madonna. Outside of the Middle Eastern countries, evil-eye jewelry has been quite fashionable for at least 20 years. The Kabbalah Centers sell these types of spiritual adornments, including the famous “red string,” to their thousands of followers. One can’t go to the Kotel (Western Wall) without being approached by numerous merchants who want to entice your spiritual awareness with special red strings. I googled “evil eye jewelry” and explored the hundreds of sites selling everything from amulets to ankle bracelets, toe rings to diamond rings, all boasting a metaphysical meaning to their making. The evil eye crosses over every religion and offers an overall protection against negative energy. The red string is a personal boundary that keeps the positive forces in and the opposite out! Personally, I do remember the delightful store on Main Street in Kew Gardens Hills called PEREG. Tucked away between the scented spice barrels, assorted dried couscous mixes, and etrog jelly there was a mysterious shelf of evil remedies such as preserved fish eyes and other “Shakespearian” ingredients. This reminded me of the witch’s potion from childhood fables.

On our bus ride down to the Dead Sea, the tour guide promised nothing short of a series of medical miracles. Multiple minerals soaked in the waters of 2,000 years can cure almost anything that ails the body was the better portion of her description of this salty aquatic surprise. Considering that it was my hus-band’s first trip to Israel, I felt compelled to show him all the tourist highlights of this magnificent country. Having gone to the Dead Sea since I was 12, paint-ing myself in mud and floating above a pink rock salt floor, I knew this would be a fun adventure for him. The sea with no fish or life of any kind has grown into a massive industry of cosmetics and other related areas. One is almost as-saulted upon arrival at the airport with advertisements, media campaigns, chain stores from companies such as Ahava, Premier, Black Pearl, and other assorted brands of seemingly magical treatments enhanced with the minerals of this region.

A new Israeli study authored by Dr. Michel Balaish, director of the Veterinary Institute at the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, has discovered that the blood pressure of children who were raised with a dog in the house was lower than children who were raised without one, according to Israeli media.

Melania Trump, 49, arrived in London with President Trump, 72, on June 3 for a state visit to England. Melania opted to wear a gorgeous ensemble for the state visit hosted by Queen Elizabeth, 93. Melania donned a stunning custom white Dolce & Gabbana coat dress with a matching wide-brimmed Hervé Pierre hat. The first lady’s long-sleeve midi dress hugged her petite frame perfectly, while the tight bodice featured buttons down the front, a crisp navy blue collar, and a navy blue belt cinched in her waist. She topped off her look, quite literally, with a wide-brimmed white hat outlined in a navy stripe, resting it sideways atop her updo, while a pair of navy blue pointy-toed Manolo Blahnik pumps (my personal favorite) completed her outfit.

According to fashion experts through the ages, your white wardrobe has been given permission to be worn starting Memorial Day. Thematic “white party” events are already being organized in The Hamptons, The Berkshires, The Poconos, and other summer-home destinations. White party dresses are being featured in “must have” fashion sections of magazine editorials, social media sites, insta influencers and shop windows.

As Madonna landed in Israel ahead of her performance at the Eurovision Song Contest final, Sylvan Adams, the Canadian-Israeli philanthropist who sponsored the $1.3 million tab to bring her, said the headlines and buzz by the megastar’s visit would be worth every penny for Israel’s PR. Every major media outlet had, has, and will cover her every move surrounding her appearance for the biggest song contest in the world.