The “shero” that bravely fought against global terrorism this past week was a dog! The “wonderful” Belgian Malinois, as tweeted by President Trump, was injured when Baghdadi detonated a suicide vest on Saturday night inside his Syrian compound. Trump said he had declassified the image of the dog, but not its name. However, a Newsweek report citing multiple sources said the dog was called Conan – after the comedian Conan O’Brien – and was female! The US military typically relies on German shepherds and Belgian Malinois. According to CNN, this isn’t the first time American armed forces have relied on a dog for backup in operations targeting terrorists. In 2011, a dog named Cairo took part in the raid that led to Osama bin Laden’s death. Cairo secured the area around the bin Laden compound while Navy SEALs went in.

The biggest shopping day of the year is still a month away, but this past Tuesday crowds had come out to get an early look at one of the biggest New York retail openings of the year: a Nordstrom flagship in New York City. Nordstrom has given New York City a celebratory shopping experience within their seven-floor store located at 57th Street. It’s as if Nordstrom is trying to convey that the terrain of failed retailers has paved the way for a new and exciting model in purchasing, which resembles a visit to a Disney park.

The week of Chol Hamoed Sukkot I threw a soirée for my girlfriends that I proclaimed to be a “Simchat Beit Nekeivah.” Since theme-based sukkahs are all the rage, I channeled my creative side and selected a butterfly and crystal interior with tabletop selections from Altoona, Amazing Savings and all the dollar stores I could find! Of course, I couldn’t come near the creativity and execution of my dear friend Shevy Shanek, event planner extraordinaire, but I gave it my best effort to set the tone for my wonderful, accomplished, iconic collection of female superstars of medicine, real estate, law, education, matchmaking, and Torah – all of them queens in their own right.