What was it about Yisro?

Was he especially

Wise or clever?

What gets a man immortalized

In history forever?

To be in the Holy Torah

Written by G-d Himself

Eclipses any kind of fame,

Heritage, or wealth.


Egypt had gods wall to wall;

As high priest,

Yisro served them all.

A man of prestige and import,

A respected advisor

In Pharaoh’s court.


A fateful meeting

Changed all that,

In which Pharaoh

And his top ministers sat.

Pharaoh had murder

On his mind,

Though his nation’s greatness

Came about

Through the Hebrews he maligned;

It was Joseph who had brought

Egypt supremacy.

Could he drown Joseph’s people

Without culpability?

Genocide seemed workable,

They were now

Just lowly slaves,

It had been more than

Two hundred years,

No one was coming to their aid.


Yisro spoke up,

It wouldn’t fly,

He gave level-headed reasons why:

Though their G-d may seem

To be absent now,

Things are still different

With the Hebrews somehow;

All those up till now

Who’ve attempted their fall

Found themselves

Behind the eight ball.


Yisro seeing Pharaoh’s face

Recalled a proverb learned in youth:

Have one foot in the stirrup

When you’re telling the truth.

He lit out for Midian,

At least he had tried,

Went from high priest

To lowly shepherd,

A great empire left behind.


Bil’am being quite the persuader

Got Pharaoh behind him,

Extermination of Hebrews

The new agenda in Mitzrayim.


Yisro sifted through the evidence

Between the chaff and pure;

He saw mind sets that would pass

And those that would endure.

Saw Hashem’s perfect justice

For him, that turned the tide,

After living all the lies,

He had found the other side.


It is every man’s wish

To leave a legacy,

To forever be a part

Of history.

Yisro accomplished that

In a way not many could,

For he discerned and extolled

HaKadosh Baruch Hu’s

Great good,

The truth that had made Yisro run

From fame and glory

Brought him true greatness

As a part of the real story.


By Sharon Marcus