Dear Editor:

 To all the people who persistently criticize and vilify former President Trump, perhaps some serious soul searching is now in order. As the bloody war in Ukraine escalates, is it not improbable that the Russian invasion may have been aborted if Donald Trump was President? Mr. Trump, a mercurial, dynamic, and volatile leader, who once threatened to nuke the Taliban, may have caused Mr. Putin sufficient uncertainty as to the American response to an invasion as to force its cancellation.

Chaim ben Zvi
Flushing, NY

 Dear Editor:

 I wish to acknowledge, with gratitude, the efforts made to deliver the Queens Jewish Link all the way to Washington Heights. Last week, I stopped by the Young Israel of Forest Hills to pick up the latest edition, but to my dismay, I only found last week’s copies. I immediately phoned Yaakov Serle to ask if there was a delivery, he assured me that there had been and put me in touch with the distributor, Avi Conway.

It remains a mystery what happened to the bundles of newspapers that had been delivered on Wednesday. Avi assured me that he would bring some on Friday. When I told him that I would be in Washington Heights visiting my father, he insisted that he would be in that neighborhood on Friday and would deliver the paper to my father’s apartment.

True to his word, at 11 p.m. on Thursday night, Avi called to say that he was in front of my father’s building. I called my sister, who lives with my father, and was doing her laundry (she’s a night owl). They met outside and she received two copies of the Queens Jewish Link, plus another paper! What service! I was able to read some of the articles to my father over Shabbos, which he enjoys very much!

Kol ha’kavod to Avi Conway and Yaakov Serle!
 Rachel Epstein


Dear Editor:

 On February 24, 1942, the SS Struma was navigating the Black Sea, carrying 781 Romanian Jewish refugees to Palestine. They had a chartered ship. On that day, it was torpedoed by a Soviet Union submarine and it sank. There was only one survivor. The Soviet Union was led at the time by Dictator Joseph Stalin. How ironic, on this same day 80 years later, remnants of the Soviet Union, now known as Russia, under President Vladimir Putin (a dictator in his own right) invades Ukraine. Let us hope that the brave citizens of Ukraine, who only want to live in peace with their neighbors, don’t suffer the same fate.

Larry Penner
Great Neck, New York


Dear Editor:

 I would like to respond to Warren Hecht’s recent article, “Irate.” Warren explains that our inflation problems are due to the actions of the Federal Reserve. Warren is ignoring the main problem. Upon taking office, Biden declared war on our energy production by increasing regulation and canceling our pipeline to Canada. We were energy independent under Trump. Now we have to beg OPEC and Russia for oil. This has resulted in soaring gasoline prices. These higher energy prices have ripple effects throughout our entire economy, resulting in higher prices for everything. Even worse, these higher energy prices are a boon for Putin. Russia is making billions and it is encouraging him to swallow up Ukraine. We cannot make meaningful sanctions against Russia’s economy without ramping up our own oil production. Biden will never do this because he is controlled by the left wing of the Democratic party and the puppet master (George Soros).

In addition to the Russia fiasco, there are other important news updates. AOC has just stated that “Israel is putting Palestinians in cages.” This is a filthy lie. The Dems are refusing to condemn her blood libel because the puppet master supports AOC. These types of statements contribute to anti-Semitism. In another development, Austin, Texas, has declared war on the police. Nineteen police officers were indicted for attempting to stop the Black Lives Matter protests in the summer of 2020. The prosecutor was financed by the puppet master. Soros has been working overtime to get radical prosecutors elected who will go after the police and release the criminals. Soros has been very successful in increasing crime throughout the country. If you want more crime and anti-Semitism, vote Democrat. The puppet master will be pleased.

I would also like the readers to be aware of a recent Court of Appeals ruling in Pennsylvania regarding the 2020 elections. The Court ruled as invalid “Act 77,” a statute that the state’s legislature adopted in 2019 to allow for no-excuse main-in voting. The Court ruled that Act 77 could not be adopted without an amendment to the state’s constitution. Warren states that this decision is “inconsequential.” I strongly disagree. Trump and his supporters have stated that Act 77 was illegal, and it caused Trump to lose Pennsylvania. The left-wing media has called Trump’s allegations “baseless.” This Court decision shows that there are competent judges who agree with Trump. That is very significant.

  Eric Rubin


Dear Editor:

 So, Larry Penner is against a temporary suspension of the gasoline tax? Does he prefer inflation grow even more than it already has? Does he prefer the ever-rising price of gasoline decimate whatever part of the economy COVID didn’t? Does the author not understand how the price of energy affects all aspects of our economy?

Larry Penner worked for 31 years for the Federal Transportation Administration. I doubt he’s affluent, but also doubt he’s hurting for money. I don’t begrudge any financial comfort he has attained. I do begrudge him for not understanding how the price of rising gasoline is affecting “Joe six pack.”

In the Bronx Times on 10/21/2021, the author posted a letter how inflation has risen under Biden. He compares Biden to one-term President Jimmy Carter. Now he opposes Biden attempting to do something to curb inflation. Which is it?

 Nat Weiner


Dear Editor:

 Congress must take action and pass the Future Generations Protection Act. This bill, reintroduced by Congresswoman Jan Schakowsky and Congresswoman Nanette Diaz Barragan, would help ensure a rapid shift away from fossil fuel to clean and renewable energy.

Specifically, the Future Generations Protection Act would ban greenhouse gas emissions from all new power plants, stop hydraulic fracking, and ban crude oil and natural gas exports. It would also prohibit the Federal Energy Resources Commission from approving new liquified natural gas terminal siting or construction, unless doing so would reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

The science is clear; we are rapidly running out of time to prevent the worst effects of climate change. The sandtimer is running out! The Future Generations Protection Act is a critical step in our transition to clean energy and reaching the US target to reduce emissions by 50 percent below 2005 levels by 2030. The urgency of the climate crisis is more obvious than ever. This year we have experienced record wildfires, reoccurring 100-year-old floods, extreme drought, heat waves, destructive tornados, and stronger storms. The writing on the wall is very clear; we must reduce fossil fuel infrastructure. We must cut off the supply of fossil fuel as quickly as possible.

The Future Generations Protection Act is the most comprehensive approach to achieving these goals, as it accelerates the transition to a clean energy economy that works for all of us.

Joseph M. Varon

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