I never thought I’d see the day

Of a coup de main in the USA.

More than voter fraud, in major cities,

But a coup, by an entrenched conspiracy.

A coalition of tech monopolies and media corporations

Placed their hand-picked party at the head of this nation.


Obama set race relations back 50 years;

Positioned Socialist electioneers,

To re-write American history,

And vilify the land of the free.

Obama made concessions to our enemy, Iran,

Endangering stability, his Mideast plan.

Favored the PA over Israeli rights,

Put police in his target sights.


Obama founded OFA – “Organizing for Action,”

Instated his own uprising faction,

Professionally trained in “Rules for Radicals”:

Alinsky’s Socialist agitation manual,

250 Offices, 32,000 Organizers trained,

Obama’s Socialist troops ordained.

Sowing unrest and division at every station

Was the brand of the Obama/Biden administration.


Pelosi weaponized the ballot voting law

To buffer the game plan even more;

When Biden’s votes showed up as too few,

Subversion was launched, with an army-like crew.


People filmed a vote tally room, through open windows;

They saw shocking corruption, they had to expose,

Tallying being done throughout the night,

Unchecked tampering in plain sight;

One man pulled in a whole wagon of boxes;

Were those ballots inside, you little foxes?!

An unchecked insulated case was brought in;

That’s all at just one site, in Michigan.


Republican Observers had access denied,

Scores are ready to testify;

At least 450,000 ballots, blank, except for a Biden mark,

Your “choice” made for you, like a third world oligarch.

Even dead people voted; every trick in the book,

Key states got the top drawer gobbledygook;

United States Postal workers were ordered:

“Backdate November 4th Ballots to November 3rd!”


Former Federal Prosecutor Sidney Powell

Found large-scale manipulation, illegal and foul;

Hammer and Scorecard, designed by the CIA,

Programs used to flip votes, with unobtrusive delay.

Used in battleground states, the glitches

Were system hacks, implementing vote switches.


Dominion Voting Systems

Found guilty of malapropisms,

With close ties to the Clintons, this company,

Based in China, found lacking in “supply chain security.”

A system with no transparency,

Vulnerable, with many points of entry,

Used in 30 states, including all swing states;

Able to reverse votes it tabulates,

Evidence of votes stolen correlates.

The urgent need to investigate

Biden’s claim of victory, abrogate.


Media saturated the polls with a false “Wave of Blue”

When their “inevitable victory” didn’t come through;

Cranked out propaganda, in Leninist fashion,

“Unite behind me!” Joe appealed, with great passion.

Mass celebratory gatherings,

A meeting with the Pope, transition broadcastings,

Ruthless suppression by Google, Facebook, and Twitter;

Dissent stifled, called treasonous and bitter.


The Department of Justice has sat on its hands

As criminal activity grows and expands.

Biden boasted in a Freudian slip

Of “The most sophisticated voter fraud organization

in the history of American politics!”

I believe he meant it,

Joe tipped his hand,

There was no back-pedaling

We know where we stand.


America stands at a fork in the road,

May she survive this episode,

Breakdown of the law, an American coup –

Our only hope, HaKadosh Baruch Hu.

You Who love justice and righteousness,

Please blow the lid off this flagrant mess!

You keep fighting, fight hard, Mr. President;

Let these criminals fail in their crooked intent.

May they come to learn crime doesn’t pay, after all.

May HaKadosh Baruch Hu answer us

On the day that we call.


By Sharon Marcus