The Joel Klein investor panel hosted a live Fidelity BizTank show in honor of Fidelity's grand opening of it's 20K square ft. state-of-the-art headquarters. The mission of the show is to connect entrepreneurs with investors who believe in empowering the entrepreneurial community.

A live audience watches excitement build in the pitches, negotiations and offers.

Twenty-three years ago, Fidelity Payment Services was a fledgling start-up launched by an aspiring entrepreneur who had noticed a vacancy in the community’s marketplace. Fueled by a drive to innovate and abetted by the support of the community, Fidelity is now one of the leading merchant services providers in the frum world, and it consistently serves as an empowering force for hundreds of enterprises and startups. With the company’s recent relocation to the bustling Brooklyn Navy Yard, Fidelity was eager to use its expanded headquarters to further empower innovation: the company joined forces with BizTank this past February to host the 13th BizTank Show. The business-minded event featured several entrepreneurs who pitched their ideas in front of a panel of investors, and it was attended by Fidelity’s many employees and Sales Agents—all of whom embody the company’s self-starter attitude. It was truly a privilege for Fidelity to be able to promote its unwavering support for entrepreneurs and to invest in the community in such a manner.