MTA talmidim in Rabbi Danto’s Freshman Shiur have voluntarily taken it upon themselves to not only be m’sayeim the entire Maseches Megillah, but to “own” it through chazering at least one time every day and chazering each daf at least four times. They are well on their way to “owning” the first two p’rakim, and have already chazered many of the dapim at least five or six times, some even 10+ times!

In celebration of being m’sayeim the first two p’rakim, talmidim had the special privilege of hearing from V’haarev Na Founder Rabbi Dovid Newman on Wednesday, March 10. Talmidim are excited to participate in the V’haarev Na program, which encourages experiencing the sweetness of Torah through constant chazarah. Through this unique initiative, Rabbi Newman has inspired thousands of teenagers and adults to grow in their love and appreciation of Torah.

After chazering for more than two hours straight without any interruption, talmidim had the privilege of meeting with Rabbi Newman, who spoke about how impressed he is with what they are accomplishing in Ninth Grade, as this level of chazarah is typically seen only in 11th and 12th Grades. He was so impressed, that he raffled off a Shas and gave each talmid a special V’haarev Na Minchah/Maariv siddur and Shlomo Rechnitz’s latest album featuring a song written just for V’haarev Na. Yasher koach to these amazing talmidim!