Chanukah at SKA was an absolute blast! It is always a highlight of the school year, and this Chanukah was no exception.

SKA’s Chanukah programming kicked off on Monday, December 19, with breakfasts at teachers’ homes. Each faculty member who hosted prepared a delicious breakfast with a whole array of foods for students to enjoy. Some of the options included yogurt parfaits, bagels, doughnuts, pancakes, and more. It was such an amazing opportunity for students to connect with teachers outside of a school setting.

The Chanukah spirit continued into Tuesday, when the day began with sufganiyot-decorating sponsored by the SKA Student Council. With Chanukah music blasting, the students decorated their delicious doughnuts with toppings such as frosting, custard, and sprinkles. The day continued with the annual school Chanukah Chagigah and a Silent DJ! The students enjoyed singing and dancing to the music that was playing only in their ears.

On Wednesday, each grade participated in a special chesed that not only lit up their days but those of the recipients, as well. Whether it was by collecting and wrapping presents for JCCRP, having a chagigah with Otsar, packing clothing for Yad Leah, or doing an art project with children in Gymnasia, each SKA student went home feeling that they made a difference in someone else’s life and were so grateful to be able to spread the light of Chanukah.

SKA’s students and teachers all entered the SKA building on Thursday, super excited for SKA’s annual Chanukah auction! Since the funds raised always go to tz’dakah, this has always been a very popular event, and bidding is friendly but fierce. Emceed by Rabbi Zak, all the students anxiously waited as the prizes were called out to see if they were the winners. Prizes this year included a Shabbos meal by Rabbi and Mrs. Kaminetsky, an ice cream party with Mrs. Bindiger, challah bake with Mrs. Lifshitz, and so much more! The school also hosted a lovely Chinuch Luncheon to show appreciation to SKA faculty and staff.

Throughout the week, each grade had its own afterschool Chanukah party hosted either at a student’s or teacher’s house. The students enjoyed various foods, games, and divrei Torah, and had such a fun time. The special ruchniyus of Chanukah was felt every day with shiurim for alumnae and mothers, while SKA’s student initiative SPARKS, SKA’s Beit Midrash Fellows, and student contributors shared divrei Torah, halachos, stories, and suggestions for bringing light into the darkness with the “Learning by the Lights” each evening of Chanukah.

Chanukah at SKA concluded on Friday with the most delicious piping-hot latkes. What a way to end Chanukah 2022 in SKA. Thank you to all who made this the most special Chanukah yet!

By Rosie Ash and Arielle Rosman, SKA ’23