Thoughts About Pesach

Dear Editor:

It is easy to get caught up in the minutiae of Pesach with all the restrictions and laws involved in getting rid of chametz. It is such a sharp contrast to Purim, where there are few restrictions and little to do in preparation. Yet, both chagim are times of simchah and reflection of all that Hashem has done for us, in the past and today. Preparing for a holiday is as important as the holiday itself. The more we invest in getting ready for Pesach, the more we will enjoy the fruits of our labors. Last year, my father spent Pesach with me in Forest Hills. We could not go to shul, so we davened together at home. My father has macular degeneration so we davened all the t’filos out loud. It was very uplifting, and it intensified my kavanah. We got food delivered from Commonpoint Queens and stayed home. We made Sedarim with a neighbor, my son Eliezer, and my father. I felt fortunate that we could be together. So many people were alone for the Sedarim, including my sister, Debbi, who had COVID.

This year, I spent Pesach with my father in Washington Heights. I did the cooking and some shopping. The highlight was sharing the Sedarim with my father, my sister, my nephew, and one of my sons. I have never seen my father so happy! He was beaming from ear to ear. The second highlight was going to my neighborhood shul from my childhood. The davening is exactly the same, with the melodies and the way the chazan conducts the service. The L’viim wash the hands of the kohanim in the synagogue before they bless the congregation. The men’s choir sings from their seats throughout the synagogue so it is like surround sound. We are all wearing masks, of course, and sitting separately, but the service goes on the same as it was in my youth. It is comforting to know that some things do not change, no matter what is going on in the world at large.

 Rachel Epstein


Dear Editor:

Last week, we heard about the passing of a dear and esteemed serviceman of the community, Deputy Inspector Denis Mullaney. He was a man of valor and strength, with high regard and exemplary standards as an individual. He was our friend and brother, and his passing saddens us. Our service people in the NYPD are essential to us and especially locally at the 107th precinct. We wish only success and solace to the family of our dear Deputy Inspector. It is important to note that we at the Chaplaincy are always here for anyone who needs counseling or to just discuss life issues. Please remember, we are always here to give a guiding hand.

May we all be blessed.

Supervisor Chaplain Boris Benjamin
Queens Division


Dear Editor:

BREAKING: United Airlines Now Hiring Blind People To Be Pilots (Satire)

UNITED STATES—United Airlines announced today that it’s now allowing blind people to be pilots. The announcement comes amid fierce competition among corporate conglomerates, all vying to be the most woke and diverse corporation in America.

“We want our staff to reflect the diversity of and cultural changes in America,” United’s spokesman Jonathan Guerin said. “For over 100 years, it’s been accepted orthodoxy that only people with vision can fly aircraft, stigmatizing the blind. This preconceived notion on piloting aircraft has also stigmatized the trans-blind – those who are blind but identify as having full vision.

“We’re seeking to change people’s attitudes on this, and strongly believe that allowing the blind to operate aircraft is a good step in the right direction.”

Local progressive man Danny McCranefield told a reporter he’s excited by the announcement. “I feel so much better knowing that a blind person could be my next pilot,” McCranefield said. “Blind people are part of the intersectional victim hierarchy, and they’ve been oppressed for far too long by our ableist society. So I’m glad they’re gaining more representation in the airline industry.”

Capitalizing on United’s announcement, the FCC announced later in the day it’ll be allowing deaf people to be emergency dispatchers nationwide.

 Rafi Metz


Dear Editor:

Former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani’s son Andrew announced himself as potential candidate for the Republican Party as candidate for Governor. This must be a late April Fool’s joke. It belongs in the comics section. Young Andrew is attempting to trade in on his famous father’s name. You need more than inheritance of a name to be successful in any enterprise. He has never built a business from scratch, created significant number of new good paying jobs, balanced a budget, or managed a small government agency or business. There are hundreds of better qualified legitimate candidates with real experience to run for Governor. Andrew’s ego is greater than the current $212 billion state budget. He needs a reality check. State Republican Party leaders, office holders, and 2,745,827 registered GOP voters will pass on this offer. They know a joke when they see one.

Larry Penner


Dear Editor:

I would like to comment on some issues that have been largely ignored by the liberal press.

Trump did great work on illegal immigration. Under the Obama system, any illegals who claim asylum would get to stay in the US while waiting for a court hearing. If they don’t show up for the hearing, they remain here. Of course the illegals would never show up for their hearing: This is like giving someone a speeding ticket and telling him that he only has to pay if he comes to a court hearing. This ridiculous system has led to mass caravans coming to the US.

Trump stopped this by forcing illegals who claim asylum to stay in Mexico until their hearing date. This reduced the surge of illegal immigration dramatically. Biden went back to the broken Obama system. Biden is working toward open borders. In fact, Biden is even sending applications to deported illegals to come back. These illegals will spread the coronavirus and other infectious diseases. In the liberal mindset, a person davening in shul without a mask is a COVID risk, but millions of illegals with COVID crossing our border is fine.

The next issue is Georgia. Georgia passed some common-sense legislation to prevent voter fraud by requesting voter ID. Biden and the left have reacted by boycotting Georgia. MLB has moved its All-Star game from Georgia, and Biden praised this action. Biden called these common-sense reforms racist against Blacks. He actually had temerity to compare it to the Jim Crow Laws. This is harming the economy of Georgia. This reminds me of the comparison of Trump to Hitler. The Left makes wild allegations and continues to repeat them.

Another lie is that all white people are racists. “If a lie is repeated enough, it will be believed.” Coca-Cola and Delta have joined the condemnation of Georgia. Let us respond by boycotting Coca-Cola, Delta, and MLB. They need us more than we need them.

 Martin Berkowitz