On Tuesday, October 10, the JHS Students at the Yeshiva of Central Queens participated in their first chesed trips of the year. As part of the chesed program, each class is involved in various chesed opportunities several times a year. The seventh-grade girls had their first chesed trip where they served as volunteers at a food pantry and soup kitchen. Since the trip was during the month of Elul and, in honor of the chagim, students were determined to work extra hard at doing mitzvos.

At the soup kitchen, the girls prepared food for people who needed some help. Heidi Birnbaum, who helped out at the soup kitchen, said “This chesed trip made me realize that we shouldn’t take the food that we have for granted.”

At the food pantry, the students packaged vegetables as part of larger packages. Elmira Kohen, who volunteered at the food pantry, said, “This chesed trip made me realize how lucky we all are to have food on our tables, and it felt really good to help prepare and package food for people who are less fortunate than us.”

 By Channah and Sarah Owadeyah, grade 7