It’s usually around the beginning of August when the signs appear in convenience stores: “Back to School.” It’s an advertisement encouraging you to purchase all your school supplies in their store.

It’s become a rather ubiquitous experience. You walk up to someone’s home and ring the bell. As you wait for a response, you notice that they have a video Ring, and you know you’re being watched. What do you do while you’re waiting? Most people try their best to nonchalantly look causal and cool. But there’s no escaping that feeling of being stuck there while you know you’re being videoed.

Part of the beauty of Camp Dora Golding’s learning program is that many of the prizes are sponsored by alumni: former campers and staff members. They have wonderfully fond memories of summers spent in camp years ago, and they want to give current campers the opportunity to have the same experience.

Every word of the Torah is precious, beloved, and timeless. But I have a particular affinity for Parshas Balak. I know we just read it. Still, while it’s fresh in my mind, I wanted to write about why I enjoy the parshah so much.