Seven months ago, our family enjoyed a beautiful Sukkos, including an enjoyable Chol HaMoed. We went on a few outdoor activities with friends and family, and I was able to facilitate our community’s beautiful Chol HaMoed learning program. On Hoshana Rabah night I had the privilege to give a shiur via Zoom from my sukkah. The following morning, I wasn’t feeling all that well, but nothing terrible. By afternoon, my symptoms worsened slightly, and we decided that it was best for me to test for COVID.

Ever hear anyone ask, “What’s the big deal?” If you’re a parent or a teacher, chances are one or more of your children have asked you that, when you were annoyed about something they did or didn’t do. Truthfully, you may have asked the same question to someone else who was annoyed at you for something you did or didn’t do. [Word of advice: It’s probably not a good idea to ask your spouse what the big deal is when he/she is upset about something.]

As we take leave of Pesach and proceed full-steam ahead towards Kabalas HaTorah, I would like to take a moment to reflect back on one part of the Seder.

The third question is: On all other nights we don’t even dip once, but tonight we dip twice: the karpas in salt water and maror in charoses.

 For children, it’s unquestionably one of the highlights of the Seder – hiding the afikoman. Some call it stealing the afikoman; some opine that doing so is inappropriate. But whatever it’s called, children love the little midnight game of hide and seek during the Seder.