I recently mentioned to a neighbor that I am returning to being a therapist in private practice, part-time. Instead of wishing me hatzlachah, he launched into an unsolicited lecture that included all his opinions and grievances about therapy and therapists. That included complaining that therapists are always asking how something makes you feel and what’s that like for you. I asked him how it made him feel when therapists asked him that?

The other day at lunch in Yeshiva, I was taking salad from the serving bowl. Just ahead of me, a colleague was putting dressing on his salad. He looked up at me and said “elef iyim,” Hebrew for a thousand islands. He explained that in Israel that’s what the dressing is called, translated from the English “Thousand Island dressing.”

Boy, do the Yankees and their fans miss Mariano Rivera!

 Until his retirement, the Yankees knew that if they could hold a lead until the eighth inning, they could bring in the Sandman to throw his wily cutter and shut down the opposition and score another victory.

I don’t like fish.

Well, that’s not really true. I enjoy watching fish swimming around and I find them to be fascinating. But that’s while they are alive. Once they are dead, I don’t like them anymore, especially not on my plate.