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People fall in love with people, not titles – I have always said that. But sometimes the title or position the person has only makes him or her more appealing to you. His or her personality counts just as much. If you like someone who has an alpha-type of personality, what happens if there is a change or a shift in life and that alpha personality goes away for a bit? The person you love is still there, but the drive, determination, and overall gestalt of the person that was one of the attributes that led you to love him in the first place is gone. Let’s say, for example, that depression sets in. What can you do? Now the person isn’t the same go-getter Type A personality you are attracted to. How can you get that drive and personality back? Sometimes there is nothing you can do but let time play out and be supportive.

In the last issue, I published an email from a young woman named Tzipora who thought that she was in the driver’s seat of a relationship (if you can call six dates a relationship, because I have no idea what they spoke about or did during these dates). And as reality usually does, it differed from the fantasy of the dating and married life that Tzipora had always imagined for herself. The fellow she was dating, whom I will refer to as Danny, said that he does like her and has asked her to make a decision. He plans on learning for a year after marriage, then giving his wife a year as a “present,” because he plans to attend medical school, which will take up much (if not all) of his time for the next decade or so.

Some say that the more things change, the more things remain the same. In some aspects of life, I agree; in others, I obviously don’t. People can debate if it applies to dating. Yes, dating is, at its roots, the same and will always be the same; but as time moves on, dating changes. Over the first days of Sukkos, someone in my family mentioned dates at the airport, and my nieces looked as if they had eaten the actual fish head on Rosh HaShanah (disgusted). “Airports? What are you supposed to do at the airport? Watch planes take off?” Very simply they were answered, “Yes.” Well, to say that my father and some cousins “got schooled” in what dating in today’s world actually means is an understatement. Even if people were allowed to wander around an airport nowadays, I don’t know how many couples you would be able to spot on dates. New, flashy, fusion, excitement – that’s what many are looking for when they date. I’m no fuddy-duddy. I hear what goes on and what couples do. Do I necessarily agree that you need constant excitement and “new” on every date? No. How can you get to the important things that matter – someone’s hashkafah – when you are busy painting and sipping, ax-throwing, petting dogs in a pet shop, etc.

Teens and young adults are always coming up with new vernacular that takes us “old fuddy-duddies” to figure out. Take, for instance, “bro code” or “girl code.” The terms refer to the unspoken rules of how you should treat friends in all situations. Some examples of “bro code” are: Have your bro’s back, no matter what; you must respect your bro in all conditions – his house, his parents, his girlfriend, and, most important of all, his car. Some examples of “girl code” are: Don’t hate on girls you don’t know; be honest when your girlfriend asks how she looks. Basically, abiding by the codes isn’t hard – it’s just nonofficial rules made official of how to be a good friend.

I have received quite a number of emails from those in the single and married communities, weighing in on the “freezing your eggs” topic. I didn’t know I was going to start a real debate when I wrote about the topic a few weeks ago. I never know which topics are going to hit the target and cause a stir and which aren’t. But this one certainly has. I don’t like to beat a dead horse, but I do want people to get a chance to have their say. I will publish excerpts of some of the emails I have received and then I will leave this topic (for a while) as I have other articles ready to go.